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Mosquito Coil Stand :

The Mosquito Coil Stand is as important a product as the coil, as it provides the base to the burning coil. made out of electrically coated tin plate. The product requires accurate press operation and the use of multiactivity tools for its manufacture. The product is coated with special organic chemicals to ensure resistance to corrosion, to proper gloss and good finish. Large base for proper balance Durable finish standards corrosion resistant finish Heat resistant finish Bears even the load of jagged coils.

Our clients can avail from us an assortment of Coil Stands which is used for holding the burning mosquito coils. We make these coil stands using premium quality raw material to ensure their durability. We are offering a comprehensive range of Mosquito Coil Stands which is precisely designed to enhance the portability and functionality.

Following are some of the salient attributes of our offered range of COIL STANDS:

Brown Saw Dust :

Brown Saw Dust or wood dust is a by-product of cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, or otherwise pulverizing wood with a saw or other tool; it is composed of fine particles of wood. A major use of sawdust is for particleboard; coarse sawdust may be used for wood pulp. Sawdust has a variety of other practical uses, including serving as mulch, as an alternative to clay cat litter, or as a fuel. It was often used in icehouses to keep ice frozen during the summer. It has been used in artistic displays, and as scatter. It is used to make Cutler's resin. Mixed with water and frozen, it forms pykrete, a slow-melting, much stronger form of ice. Sawdust is used in the manufacture of charcoal briquettes.

Spark Clean : A Herbal Floor Cleaner

Spark Clean is an Anti-Insect perfumed fluid, a strong formulation ideal for Hotel, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hospitals, Urinals and etc.

Black Matic : Domestic & Hospital Phenyle

Black Matic is a strong deodrant & germicide for disinfecting Hospital, Nursing Homes, Sick Rooms, Drains, Cesspools, Sinks, Laboratory, Toilets, Closet, Cowsheds and etc.

Panchajanya Agarbatti : Incense Sticks

We are offering a quality approved range of Agarbatti.Panchajanya Agarbatti is valued for its pleasing and soothing fragrances and is used for worshiping purposes in religious places and residential areas.

Phu Care : Bleaching Powder

Phu Care bleaching powder is a very effective disinfectant.It can also be used to clean away molds, maintain white clothes, as cleaning agent in kitchen, ponds, bathroom, Urinals, Hospitals and etc.

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